SUNiA Photovoltaic Pergola

SUNiA Self-consumption Photovoltaic Pergola of proven strength and durability for home energy generation.

SUNiA Classic Pergola Attached

The SUNiA Classic pergola allows you to supply your home with energy in a responsible way. Thanks to its composition and the orientation of its solar panels, you will achieve savings when producing energy for the domestic unit.

SUNiA Kubo Attached Pergola with Island

Structures and pergolas can be manufactured practically “Made to Measure”, being able to fill the remaining spaces, up to the necessary or desired dimensions, with other materials, such as, glass in any variety and thickness, Sandwich panel or Alveolar Polycarbonate.

High Quality Solar Panels

Its panels guarantee a minimum degradation of less than 2% during the first year of service life. The SUNiA self-consumption photovoltaic pergola will only degrade by 0.55% in the following 25 years from its installation.

What does the SUNiA Solar Pergola include?

Our SUNiA Self-consumption Photovoltaic Pergola offers high resistance and durability for home energy generation, maximizing savings in regular consumption. We show you what it includes, how it works, and how you can save with a self-consumption solar pergola and generate energy to the maximum in your home.

Join the Energy Saving thanks to SUNiA Pergolas

Installation WITHOUT discharge to the network

This type of installation ensures that all the power generated is consumed in the home, or in the installation itself, for example, to charge an electric vehicle. A system capable of generating 3kW could supply a family unit of 4 members in an area of 70 square meters.

Installation WITH discharge to the network

The surplus electricity generated by the SUNiA pergola is fed directly into the home’s electricity grid. This means that the electricity company will compensate that energy by means of a discount on the household bill. It is possible to generate more energy thanks to a series of tools that allow us to estimate with very good accuracy the generated capacity.

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