Optima Glass Curtain Enclosure

Discover Optima. The revolutionary glass curtain enclosure that will turn your porch or terrace into a totally secure, modern space.

BASE Panoramic Curtain

The OPTiMA BASE Panoramic Curtain is the version of our famous system, in its cleanest and lightest version, ideal for interiors and geographical areas with warm climatology and low rainfall. It maintains all the features, such as elegance for the division of spaces, magnificent acoustic insulation, durability, etc., inherent to all the ranges of the system.

Panoramic Curtain PLUS PVC

Curtain with translucent PVC adjustment joints, which increases the watertightness of the OPTiMA BASE system, “without aggressively modifying the design of the established facade”.
It avoids or reduces the annoying noise and vibrations of glass caused by strong gusts of wind.

The version of Panoramic Curtains PLUS PVC, are an ideal choice for those who do not want to lose even a mm of views in your garden or terrace.

Panoramic Curtain PREMIUM AL

New H joint profile between leaves, manufactured in baked lacquered aluminum, with polyester powder that includes a profile adjustment compensator by means of a polypropylene gasket, channeled into the element itself. The rigid nature of the manufacturing material (aluminum) also provides greater stability to the closed wall itself, giving it greater resistance to wind and leaks.

Optima Glass Curtain Enclosure: all the details

A Panoramic and Modern Glass Curtain

Compatible with various locks

Our bearingless system works by sliding through guides, thus reducing wear and tear. Our glass curtains are compatible with traditional locks, electronic locks, and even number code locks. We adapt to any type of home or establishment.

The most airtight curtain on the market

Unlike other glass curtains, the Optima glass curtain works by resting all its weight on the lower profile, preventing water or wind from entering. It includes a lower drainage channel to collect and evacuate the water accumulated by condensation.

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