Slide Slides with High Quality Slide

Slide enclosures for terraces and porches are our most recent novelty, and have everything you need to make the most of your porch no matter what the weather is doing

The Best Alternative for Porches and Terraces

Our Slide enclosures are designed to guarantee the highest security and comfort when closing your porch or terrace. Its studied design allows you to make the most of your space throughout the year. Don’t worry about bad weather.

For Pergolas of all types

Our design can be attached to an infinite number of structures, of different materials. You will enjoy a high quality Slide Slide regardless of the material your porch or terrace is made of. The use of the highest quality materials and the mastery of manufacturing techniques guarantee the best durable, robust and efficient system.

Laminated Glass Panels

Our Slide sliding doors are composed of glass panels up to 3 meters high and 1.50 meters wide. They are so easy to slide, that even the smallest of the house will be able to move them without any problem. Thanks to its 4 lower rails, the glass Slide Slide is the easiest to handle.

Why choose our Slide Sliders for your Porch?

Total Water and Storm Protection

Water Evacuator

All our sliding slides have a perimeter piece equipped at the base. This piece is responsible for forming the frame of the enclosure, and thanks to its shape, prevents water from accumulating. It is in charge of evacuating it correctly, avoiding puddles and filtrations towards the interior. You will be able to make the most of your porch or terrace, during all seasons of the year.

Equipped with Laminated Safety Glass

In order to withstand any kind of impact, we equip the slide enclosures with the highest security glass sheets. Our safety glass gives the system a high resistance to both wind and accidental impacts. They are designed to complete an elegant, modern and totally wind-safe design. Laminated glass is very resistant and never crumbles. In case of breakage, cracks are visible in the affected area, with no pieces of glass falling off.

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