Discover the Kubo pergola. Ideal for making the most of your veranda, patio and garden all year round.

Kubo pergolas with fixed roof

Enjoy full modular comfort at the highest level, with our KUBO pergolas, with different finishes and all kinds of additions to complete a pergola that meets all your needs. Fixed glass walls, SLiDE sliding walls and OPTiMA curtains are perfect additions for your pergola.


The KUBO pergola provides total coverage of the space, equipped with 4+4mm laminated glass. It can be used as a multi-purpose shelter for cars, terraces, porches and gardens.

Relax under your KUBO pergola. To enjoy a moment of total relaxation, under the light of your KUBO pergola.

Pergolas with Water Drainage

Thanks to its design with hidden guttering and downpipes, water is not transferred to the inside of the pergola, filtering in such a way that it is evacuated to the outside. The interior of the shelter is always protected against storms.

In different colours, for all types of installations

For metal structures

Don’t give up on the aesthetics of your garden, terrace or balcony thanks to our special models for metal structures. After many years of experience we have the models that work and we know how to install them so that they do not cause problems.

Fitted with Laminated Safety Glass

To withstand all kinds of blows, we equip the slide enclosures with the highest security glass sheets. They are designed to complete an elegant, modern and wind-safe design. Laminated glass is very resistant and never crumbles. In case of breakage, cracks are visible in the affected area, thus forming a much safer unit.

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The KUBO and CLASSIC pergolas are at the forefront of technology and offer the latest innovations in design and functionality.

Get to know now the new systems with multi-material profiles.

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