Tilting Glass Pergola

Our Classic Pergola is the best solution in glass railings for any type of exterior, from porches to gardens and terraces.

Classic Fixed Roof Pergolas

Enjoy maximum comfort in a classic way for this we offer our Classic glass pergolas with different finishes, and complements of all kinds to complete a pergola that meets all your needs.

This Classic Glass Pergola includes new features with multi-material profiles:

  • Width per plate : 1.2 meters max
  • Width between feet : 4.00 meters
  • Maximum exit : 4.00 meters
  • Height feet : 2,50 meters

Glass Railing with Movable Ceiling

The KIT105 system of our Classic Pergola offers a storage wall box for automation and connectors. This automated system allows you to hide all the automation and connections of your classic glazed pergola.

Glass Pergola with Water Drainage

Our Classic Pergolas have a drainage system that allows the evacuation of water through the post. This Classic Pergola has an aluminum structure with stainless steel screws that allows a safe water evacuation.

In different colors, for all types of installations

Reinforced Profile

After years of experience, we have managed to make models that perform all the desired functions. They are especially durable and allow you to maintain the aesthetics of your terrace, balcony or garden area.

Laminated Glass 4+4

Designed to withstand shocks, our classic pergolas are made of the highest safety glass sheets. This model is designed to be an elegant, modern and wind-safe pergola, as the glass panes are very resistant. In the event of a breakage, cracks are visible in the affected area, thus forming a much safer unit.

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The KUBO and CLASSIC pergolas are at the forefront of technology and offer the latest innovations in design and functionality.

Get to know now the new systems with multi-material profiles.

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